Miaoyang Audio is a professional audio power amplifier, DSP digital ago, KTV card bag, sound box, truly recruit: join cooperation, dealers, OEM.
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                        Miaoyang Audio acoustics is a manufacturing stage show sound reinforcement system equipment specialized enterprise, with electronic clean workshop, sound box workshop, electric power plant. More than ten years, has been committed to research and development, production high-quality goods stage amplifier and speakers, product won the general merchants recognition.
                        Miaoyang Audio implement 6 s on-site management, implement the ISO9001 quality management system, through the "3 c" compulsory certification, the product passed the CE authentication. Radio and television products by the state quality inspection center and guangzhou product quality inspection for the sampling inspection qualified products. China's electronic audio industry association and China entertainment technology association member. In order to adapt to the international market, wonderful Yang products forward a higher-level development.
                        Miaoyang Audio "intention to create, and industry peak" as the goal. Attention to enterprise culture construction, implement independent open management, interest and post union, individual and team pay equal attention to. Create a learning enterprise, promotion, and mining individual potential, the positive innovation, self transcendence. Advocating simple relationship harmony, create happy working environment. Feeling of the true meaning of life, realize self value. Wonderful Yang sound in the spirit of "people-oriented, scientific and technological innovation, excellence, sincere service" business philosophy and "steadfast integrity, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit" win-win cooperation purpose, and customers hand in hand, create the new development of audio industry.

                  Quality first
                  Perfect quality management system, create professional products.

                  Technical support
                  Provide professional, personalized, generalization technical support, including technical consultation, project design, project implementation, etc.

                  Perfect service
                  Adhering to the your satisfaction, Miaoyang Audio the pursuit of the service spirit, and provide timely, fast and professional after-sales service.


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